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Hiring Skilled WordPress Developer & WordPress Theme Designer from Kolkata

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Hiring Skilled WordPress Developer & WordPress Theme Designer from Kolkata, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings We Love WordPress, Only WordPress. We develop bespoken fully responsive WordPress Websites. At Anblik, we regularly hire knowledgeable and experienced WordPress Developer and WordPress Theme Designer in our Kolkata office. I have been working exclusively as a WordPress developer for the past eight years. We offer WordPress auditing services to ensure that our client WordPress website meets WordPress coding standards and secures client website from potential hackers. Interested candidates can Apply for below given post. We specially prefer candidates from Kolkata Area.:

WordPress Developer

I am looking for a Highly skilled and talented WordPress Developer from Kolkata to join my team. The candidate, who can write secure and reliable code for commercial WordPress products. Candidate can work from home or from my office.

Skills Required

  • Writing a Plugin – The candidate must be knowing developing plugins based on WordPress CODEX guildelines.
  • WordPress Coding Standards – He must be following coding standards for WordPress development
  • Debugging in WordPress – Must be knowing using the built-in debugging system in WordPress.
  • Data Validation – A must for WordPress plugin authors. Must be knowing functions used by WordPress to validate and sanitize data. Plugin authors should be familiar with these functions and ideas.
  • Plugin Submission and Promotion – Plugin Submission and distributing knowledge.
  • Function Reference – know-how of PHP function reference for WordPress.
  • Global Variables – Knowledge of all global variables created by WordPress
  • Post Types – Knowledge of creating new types of posts other than the posts that display on the main loop.
  • Taxonomies – Creating new types of taxonomies other than the built-in ones.
  • Reserved Terms – A list of reserved terms in WordPress.

Responsibilities Include

  1. Developing Complex WordPress website with Social Networking features.
  2. Developing Plugins
  3. Collaborate with team members to make the site functional.
  4. WordPress application Auditing for efficiency, reliability and security.
  5. Making the website live in client Server.

WordPress Theme Designer

We are looking for a talented and experienced WordPress theme designers who will help us to build most professional looking and modern WordPress website design. Once we have a complete PSD file of the site design available, you can begin to put it all together in a beautiful responsive design. Not only candidate incorporate responsive in new website design, but if the client already have a website, designer can modify it and make it responsive. The designer must be equipped with all the tools and technology to make website more accessible: media queries, flexible grid based layouts that use re-sizing, and flexible images & media. Candidate can work from home or from my office.

Skills Required

  • Highly skilled in HTML 5 and CSS3 technology.
  • Should know how to Upgrade the mobile and tablet viewing experience of website visitors – no vertical or horizontal scrolling.
  • Knowledge of Fluid grids, Media Queries, and the @media rule.
  • Since responsive web design works through CSS media queries, you should know how to Style Separated from Content.

Responsibilities Include

  1. Custom Theme Development.
  2. New Theme Development.
  3. Making Website responsive in various devices

Website Designer

If you are a designer who makes every pixel count responsive design, you are in luck! As an integral team member, you will be responsible for visualizing, conception, and executing Anblik’s designs. You will be responsible for all of Anblikā€™s visual aesthetics including web page designing, and presentations. We are seeking talented, creative, generalists who have had previous experience designing web interfaces for consumer products with very good understanding of XHTML and CSS and creating a site maintaining W3C Standards. Creative design is a must! Most importantly, we seek an energetic and passionate designer who works well in a fast-paced environment.

Skills Required

  1. Photoshop
  2. Illustrator
  3. Expertise with HTML5/CSS3 and familiarity with AJAX and JavaScript
  4. Familiarity with programming languages, web server techniques
  5. Ability to design and convert designs into multiple browser compatibility
  6. Knowledge of latest online trends including Web 3.0 and beyond

Responsibilities Include

  1. Develop visual layout for our clients projects using Liquid deign concept
  2. Collaborate with team members to make design decisions
  3. Create responsive web designs, graphics, and templates compatible with HTML5 and CSS3

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