Clique offers a wide range of services to take care of all your computer Hardware, Software and networking needs. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to help your business run in today’s advanced technology world. We strive to provide your business with simple, affordable and reliable technology solutions that help increase sales, reduce costs, and improve communications – technology solutions that grow as your business grows.

Clique holds Service Persons, who have well more than 6 year Working Experience in providing information technology Solutions to small and medium size business as well as Home Computers in the Kolkata, and its suborns.

Clique has been solving the industry’s most challenging IT problems by utilizing technology expertise and past successes while capitalizing on our innovative approach to solutions. The value that we bring to our customers is simple- we integrate the most sophisticated technology on the market with high-end consultative services to provide you with an all-encompassing, end to end solution.

Clique offer a broad range of services including:

Great team to work with. Excellent Support.

Prithwijit DeOwner - Clique