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Project Description

FBC India is enhancing organizational competence to sustainably serve high value markets by application of innovative tools backed by FBC India high quality research.

FBC India Core Value

Inspire by Knowledge

  • Collaboration & sharing
  • Co-creating through teamwork
  • Differentiation & innovation
  • Research-based & benchmarked solutions approach

Commit with Care

  • Long-term perspective
  • Relationship-oriented
  • Focused on client success

Deliver with Integrity

  • Results-orientation
  • Timely delivery
  • Efficient solution & client confidentiality
  • Accountability

Solutions offered by FBC India

Diagnostics Overview: There are three kinds of organizations in world ; One who makes the things happen; two which always strives to make the things happen by following the trends and ; three which wonders on what happened. The first step in the ladder of excellence is meticulous planning. However the best of planning is nothing without execution. At the outset it is the long term vision of the leadership in a dynamic environment which acts as a canvas on which blueprint of future planning is to be prepared. The irony is that even the SME holds a hazy picture of the future which she wants to reach to. FBC offers unique set of diagnostic tools to help an SME realize her real state of existence in the corporate world.

Training Overview: Change is the only constant in current dynamic environment. Today every organization needs to change in the way of conducting business. This change is essential for both established as well as growing organization. We instill change in organizations by offering numerous training programs from different sector and function specific areas of management. Our training suite involves a sequence of steps that can be grouped into five phases namely needs assessment, instructional objectives, design, implementation and evaluation. These training programs act as an opportunity for you to get sensitized about potential opportunities and challenges from various facets of management.

Consulting Overview: Management and leadership coaching is no more an element of surprise in the parleys of Indian corporate world. India has a promising SME sector that plays an important role in not only supporting economic growth even at the times of global recession but also to gain competitive advantage through continuously creating superior value by keeping the costs low. Generally there is a great mismatch between the services being offered by the known consulting bodies and the costs involved. These services are often not considered to be designed and developed around the needs of the Indian SME. FBC recognizes this gap and has designed customized consultancy services in a range of critical areas for Indian SMEs.

Ablik are to be commended for their very speedy response time and going the extra mile to help out at odd hours to help upload things that were still required before a launch deadline. They also did not face any technical complications along the way. Their swift approach is at the same time a disadvantage to the quality of communication. Things that have been explained clearly in an email are asked again about simply because the email has been read in a rush. But despite this things worked out very well. Good job.

FBC India

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