Goddess Athletic Wear

Project Description

The concept of Goddess Athletic Wear began in 2010 with a group of friends on the 7-day Cycle Oregon Tour. They have ridden their bikes into a small, local town to do a little wine tasting. As they were visiting they all agreed: Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would make an athletic dress for cycling that's practical, could be worn with our bicycling shorts but is so cute that no one would know we’d just gotten off our bikes? We could actually go from biking to dinner without changing clothes. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Within days, such a dress was created and worn on a bike outing with a few friends who all said, “I want one!”

The second dress was made with a lot more pizzazz–ruffles and all–and worn on a larger, organized bike event. Even women we didn't know were asking, “Where can I get one?” People were taking pictures, asking for the Goddess Athletic Wear website and business cards. They didn't have any yet, but they knew they had a great idea! Thus began Goddess Athletic Wear. Goddess Athletic Wear goal is to produce a beautiful, fun and feminine athletic dress that customers feel great and look great in for cycling, running or tennis, and to give their customers the BEST service!

Shivaji was excellent to work with, responding well to requests in a professional and timely manner. Solid understanding of the technology and good communication. I intend to work with him again in the future.

Teresa VincentCEO - Goddess Athletic Wear

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