SafexPay unique product offerings are advanced Integration API for best success ratios, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Push Response Technology, Dynamic Switching, Retry options, Advanced Analytics, Recurring Payments, Multiple Currency Options, Omni-Channel Offering, E-Wallet M-commerce etc. SafexPay aims to build digital payments businesses and platforms- Encompassing payment gateways, payment aggregation (through a PSP setup), mobile wallets , White-Label Solutions as well as to provide value added services in the payments domain to consumers, merchants, banks and financial institutions across the globe.

Few key Features of SafexPay:

SafexPay is associated with almost all major Banks in India. The support payment options like

Card Processors

    NetBanking (40+banks)

    M-wallet (8+ Wallets)


      COIN (UPI Based Payment App)




      Cash Collection

      Debit Card with PIN

      Various Modules:

      Pricing :

      Set up Cost – INR 0.00

      AMC – INR 4800.00 /-

      Transaction Fee – 2.50%

      Major Clients :

      They have many big clients like Max Mobiles, Swishlist, MyCorporation, ThrillPoker, Eximius Consultancyy, Induco Solutions, etc.