Scribe Content

The all new Scribe Content 4.0 brings users a proven content marketing process with an integrated, holistic approach that maximizes your return on investment. Scribe Content is the foundation, and Scribe gives you the research tools you need to discover the topics that matter to your intended audience, and the language they use when searching and discussing in social media. Three Simple Steps to Content Marketing Success:

Research: Scribe Content shows you the language the audience prefers when searching and discussing on social networks, before you begin to create content. Once your content is created, Scribe reveals other profitable topics and keyword phrases.

Optimize: Scribe Content analyzes your content, and tells you exactly how to gently tweak it for better search engine rankings. Scribe also analyzes your overall site content to help you execute on your go-forward content strategy.

Connect: Scribe helps you cross link your content to increase usability and time on site, identify websites for guest writing, strategic alliances, and link building, and locate social media users who’ll want to share your content.