Vibracart Paypal

If you use Paypal's add to cart buttons on your site then get rid of that cumbersome cart page that opens in a new window on each button click and replace it with Vibracart Paypal. Vibracart can hover above or be embedded in your page keeping your clients on your site until they are ready to checkout. Your clients will love the new cart that works so much faster and smoother using AJAX. Vibracart Paypal is easy to add to your site and works with all the features you currently use in your buttons (such as options and tax etc) and of course will work with any number of pages on your site. Vibracart Paypal is cross browser compatible (back to IE6) and works well on mobile devices and tablets. Older browsers will degrade gracefully to use Paypal's own cart as before.

As well as improving the cart process Vibracart Paypal adds a number of new features such as discounts, coupon codes and product images. You can require the user to agree to your terms before checkout as well.

Installing Vibracart Paypal is easy. If you currently use normal Paypal add to cart buttons (not Paypal hosted or encrypted ones) then you just need to add a few lines to each page where your buttons appear. If you have used Paypal hosted buttons then you can simply update them using Paypal's own button maker. Full instructions are provided in the comprehensive manual provided.

Vibracart Paypal can be used in several ways