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Best Choice Award by was launched in 2014, and has been steadily improving itself since. They offer free and secure web hosting for all accounts along with an easy to use Drag-and-Drop feature that allows you to easily drag in images, text, and videos and drop them anywhere you like on your page.


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Description is the free and most effective website building platform in the marketplace – simply drag and drop with no coding required. It's so easy to get started, simply choose from a huge selection of design templates and get started for free.

Building your professional website has never been easier, the intuitive editor provides a large working space with a diverse range of features and functions. When you are happy with how your site looks hit the publish button and go live on the web! Want an online store to start selling products? Access the eCommerce features and begin selling your products and services online instantly. All sites are mobile optimized – which means your visitors can view your site on their smartphone or tablet. Social media integration allows you to link your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts to increase exposure and customer engagement. What are you waiting for? build your free website today!

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  1. Before creating and developing a website, you have to sign up with the proper web hosting plan in advance. It is the base of your online platform, with which you can upload and showcase your web contents to countless audiences effectively. At present, there are a large number of web hosting providers you can find online, some of which claim to cost you nothing. This time, we'd like to unveil the secrets of these free hosting providers and tell you why you should not use the free shared web hosting when developing your website.

    Their Service Is Not Free for Real

    It is true that you need to pay nothing to get the hosting solution offered by these free web hosts. However, the truth is that they only provide you with very limited allocation of server resources, which can even be hard for you to host a personal blog site. If you need more space for your web contents or more bandwidth to handle a high volume of traffic, these companies will charge you a lot.

    In addition, you may find that most tools or features you need are not available from them. Once you ask for those tools, again, these web hosts will charge you extra money.

    The Free Service Is Not Secure Actually

    Generally, the free hosting solution is of the large security loophole. Unlike the paid hosting companies that pay much attention to this aspect, free service providers are much more likely to ignore the importance of the hosting security. For instance, the critical security related features, such as SSL certificate, SSH access, and nightly website backup, may not be available.

    In addition, to save the budgets, these companies will put a large number of websites into a single web machine. In this case, the chances for your website to face the dangers brought by other websites can be large. Especially, some of these bad websites can be illegal ones that bring the virus or the infected data, which can be bad for your website security.

    The situation changes if you choose some quality paid offers that set affordable price, because those hosting providers usually set up advanced firewalls, perform regular malware scans, make daily backups, and take many other security measures. Most of these services are free.

    The Free Hosting Is Not Reliable

    The reliability is important for most web hosts. After all, it affects the up time of your website directly, along with the reading experience of your audiences and the online ranking in the search engines indirectly. With the free hosting provider, you can hardly be promised with great up time records.

    The quality servers and the cutting-edge data centers are the bases of reliable hosting. In this case, most quality hosting providers will use branded server machines and locate these machines at the world-class server spaces. The free hosting providers, however, generally adopt the low-quality web servers to reduce the needed budgets. In addition, they will not hire some professional experts to adjust and refine these machines for better performance.

    As tested online and researched among many free hosting users, this hosting type can lead to frequent, serious and long-lasting downtime as compared with the paid service.

    The Free Hosting Cannot Ensure the Fast Hosting

    You need the fast page loading speed so that your readers can check your web contents with great experiences. However, you can hardly get fast hosting with the free hosting solution. The server response time of our tested website hosted by a free web host is even up to 986 ms on average.

    In fact, most quality and paid hosting providers have done a lot for achieving the fast hosting. For instance, they may replace the HDD drives with the SSD drives, provide you with the CDN service, set up the partnership with the most famous network providers, make use of the Intel processors and do anything else that can boost the hosting performance.

    The free hosting providers, however, will not make these efforts at all due to the limited budgets.

    The Free Hosting May Inject the Advertisements

    Even the free hosting has to make money. Some of them rely on charging you for the extra hosting features. And others will ask you to put their advertisements on your website to get the revenue.

    Frankly speaking, this is a terrible thing as you cannot control what the advertisements are. For instance, the ads may not fit your web content, may occupy a large portion of your webpage and may destroy the overall style of your site. No matter what the condition might be, you should face a big challenge.

    The Free Hosting Can Hardly Promise Helpful Support

    The responsive and 24/7 technical support is really important. Especially, for some newbies, they need all-time-rounded and prompt technical support to deal with any issue happened.

    The free hosting providers, however, always offer poor technical support. You may find that you can hardly reach their support team no matter when you contact them via which support method. Even, some free web hosts will charge you the support fee that is really expensive.


    It is clear that free hosting is not the suitable hosting option for any webmaster. If you want to save budgets when running your website, be sure to go with those cost-effective web hosts which allow you to get top-notch service without costing too much.
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  2. A brand is a term that has the ability to take you to the apex of accomplishment. A standout amongst the most critical elements on which your organization's prosperity depends is its image building. Putting it straight and basic, in the event that you have to give a term to the wonderful, commonplace and appealing bundle which contains your organization's character and its qualities, then that term would be the "brand" of your organization. A brand draws in clients, both imminent and also repeating, to your organization.

    The procedure of brand building isn't restricted to these organizations and associations. Similarly as vital as this is close to home marking which incorporates building a brand around your own particular self as a person. An individual brand, much the same as a customary one, requires a signature and novel picture and voice, packaged with an unmistakable and tasteful standard with which your clients can associate.

    Brand building is similarly as essential to drive more activity to your organization, since individuals tend to trust you as a man more than your organization. Here are 5 stages or traps that would help you with building your very own image effectively.

    Make a specialty

    In this time of a wild break-neck rivalry, there are heaps of business people anticipating individual brand building, only the same as you. To separate yourself, attempt to discover your specialty; attempt and build up your ability and choose what you need to be known for. Picking a general field like "showcasing" wouldn't help, cordiality the tremendous rivalry. Along these lines, attempt to be particular and discover your specialty and create yourself in that. In that way, you would have the capacity to present yourself better. Despite the fact that your crowd will be littler, it will turn out to be significantly more applicable and benefit yielding.

    Composing and distributing makes a difference!

    When you are done discovering your claim to fame or your zone of center, you have to begin mark working at the most punctual. What's more, here helps your specialty center, as flaunting your particular zone of ability showcases your aptitudes and manufactures your notoriety. Content promoting is presumably the most crucial and also the most ideal approach to fabricate your own image and in addition notoriety on the web. Individuals have great recollections, and when they need some particular data, they tend to anticipate trusted hotspots for the same. Attempt and turn into that "trusted sources", and give strong and revise data on your zone of ability. Thus, don't hold up, begin all alone blog, or do some visitor blogging to make the world realize that you are a specialist at your field.

    Keep you online networking redesigned with your own image principles.

    Web-based social networking can represent the moment of truth your image building process. Since there is a mind lion's share of individuals on different online networking, you have to synchronize your own particular profiles on these web-based social networking with your present individual brand building benchmarks. Wipe out superfluous subtle elements that don't fit in with your own image benchmarks from your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles (to give some examples), and fill them with substance that upgrade your own image, posting normal redesigns and also re-posting more seasoned substance for the new supporters.

    Contextual analyses are awesome!

    Contextual analyses do help a great deal in winning the matter of your own image supporters. Try not to approach narrating and promising about your future works; work with some of your past customers to have a strong and genuine case. Build up a solid story over it, since individuals get pulled in to genuine stories on how you tackled a specific issue. Talking at different occasions is additionally an incredible approach to contact fresher groups of onlookers and telling them about your range of ability.

    Organizing makes a difference!

    Any brand must be elevated to contact the more up to date masses. In this way, the way to fruitful brand building is broad systems administration, both via web-based networking media and in this present reality. Drawing in and collaborating with different people having a place with an indistinguishable field from yours and with anyone and everyone who end up being significant in advancing you and your zone of mastery, turns out to be of extraordinary offer assistance. The most ideal approach to get hold of such individuals is to go to proficient systems administration occasions. This will help you to meet and associate with influencers in your general vicinity. To the extent web based systems administration is concerned, simply take part in group talks at whatever point conceivable. The fundamental thought is to open up more current chances to meet more up to date individuals and talk and advance your very own image.

    Like some other brand, when you discuss individual brand building, you have to consider it your very own garden. Give in the required diligent work, and you without a doubt will receive the rewards from it. In spite of the fact that it might be a little tedious, yet assembling your own image will eventually help you remain ahead and prevail over the long haul. Thus, pull your sleeves up, and approach assembling your very own image. What's more, with these 5 traps up your sleeve, it won't be quite a bit of a predicament as to where to begin!
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  3. The latest trend which is seen in modern times that international companies who have their web related needs a re outsourcing their projects to Indian companies. This not only saves their time and energy for web development and designing activities, but also ensures that the projects are completed successfully by professionals. Now outsourcing web design projects to India involves a lot of calculations as a beyond border business deal is something which needs high level of professionalism. Here in this segment you will get to know about some of the most important points which companies should keep in mind while they Outsource Web Design Project to India.

    Things which you have to remember before outsourcing

    Knowing the points of interest and the whereabouts of the Website Design Company is vital before picking it. You ought to think about its history, its beginnings and a touch of its utilitarian measurements before the arrangement is agreed upon.

    The customer base of the organization is a vital viewpoint to watch out while picking a Web Development Company. It's the survey and the input of the customers which matters as it decides the prevalence and unwavering quality of a Web Development Company.

    The costs of the organization likewise matter. Its no utilization of procuring an organization who charge high rates for their administrations.

    Last yet not the minimum it ought to likewise be watched that how much the organization is overhauled and updated with the most recent procedures for web improvement. Do observe that is it utilizing the most recent programming and systems.

    Advantages of outsourcing

    More economic: Hiring a web structure association for site design organizations is a mild and cost saving decision. How? If you plan to do it without any other individual's help, you require massive spending plan to utilize a fashioner and R&D bunch and to set up a substitute range for them with all the required rigging. Nevertheless, in case you outsource site design augment, you essentially need to pay a sensible whole besides get affirmation of best organizations.

    Saves Time: It helps you save your significant time and allows you to concentrate on other basic errands. The attempts you ought to put in securing the aggregate gathering and getting the site arranged can be moved to the inside business frames.

    Usage of latest technology: If you outsource web change augment, you get points of interest of latest mechanical assemblies and developments, which help you hint at change web page. They use inventive considerations to come up with a site which is intriguing, significantly practical and simple to utilize.

    Whom to put the money on?

    In the blink of an eye these parts are accessible in Anblik. It has been a monster figure in the domain of site change for whatever length of time that 17 years and has dealt with the solicitations of both national and worldwide clients. It has a huge base of capable and qualified web engineers who are all proficient with the truth to how to come up with a perfect site design and trim which will fill the need of the clients.
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  4. In this section, you will get the chance to look at that what are the main features which a new startup company or It enabled business needs to concentrate and hire the services of experienced web design firm to advance their business on the web. Check out the following information and apply them to build up a site.

    Web Design is considered to be a new wave which has largely swept away the entire digital world in the 21st century. It's not only of the large scale business houses who websites and online portals need to be designed and developed. Small scale business and even startups also have the same need to have their websites updated and upgraded regularly. In this segment, you will get to check out that what are the main points which a startup business or IT based company needs to focus on while hiring web developers to promote their business on the web. Do check out the following points and apply them if you are planning to develop a website.


    Programming organizations chip away at a wide range of tasks they can get and their specialization will just concern innovation angle. For example, you will discover experts in Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP and so on. Be that as it may they once in a while invest energy in revamping their administrations and winding up with a business specialization. Maintaining an administration business is not a simple employment in this way programming organizations' CEOs, for the most part, would prefer not to deny themselves of any potential income and will acknowledge all work coming to their direction. The effectiveness of Web Design For Startups largely depends on the specialization of the developer.

    What that sadly may remain for is that a given business isn't sufficient in a specific field in this manner needs to search for work all over the place. Besides, specialization it's practically difficult to plan proficient and streamlined work forms as each customer requires an alternate and custom treatment. That in outcome regularly brings about reexamining the wheel, time misfortunes, and the higher bill.

    Size of the Web Design Firm

    Programming organizations vary in size, you will discover solitary independent designers and additionally enormous IT enterprises. The first will be unable to give you enough dependability and direction, the last mentioned, well, I don't think you require a clarification. Search for groups of no less than 4 or 5 individuals and interdisciplinary abilities that is an outline, advancement, and business. Business coaching and counseling are quite vital for startup authors yet few web advancement offices give that.

    Organizations greater that 40 or 50 individuals will begin losing their center, speed and readiness. They in some cases have a tendency to disregard startup customers and concentrate more on the antiquated B2B benefits as that sounds good to them financially. Their evaluating is premium as they have to pay for center administrators, have opulent occasions and live with bureaucratic wasteful aspects.

    From Whom to Take Help?

    The years old Anblik is one of the big names when you are searching for web developers either for big companies or for start-ups. Web Design For Startups has been the key specialty of this platform. It provides skilled and knowledgeable developers who know exactly what needs to be done in order to promote the popularity and sale of a particular brand.

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  5. Regardless of the way that nations like China and Philippines are the strong contender for being the fundamental providers of web design and development services, India has made sense of how to cut the edge in a couple of parameters. Here in this segment, you will understand why clients from everywhere throughout the world are picking Indian web design company to get a definitive benefit.

    The 21st century denoted the ascent of India as a technological Goliath. It has massively progressed in the field of web design and development and as a reality is thought to be a land which offers preferable web plan benefits over the nations in the far east. In spite of the fact that countries like China and Philippines are the solid contender for being the main suppliers of web related services, India has figured out how to cut the edge in a few parameters. Here in this portion, you will look at why universal customers are falling back on India to benefit from web design services.

    Cost and Expenses

    The cost of work in the field of science and innovation is lesser than the nations in the east. At the point when a worldwide customer connects with discover a monetary web design platform or agency, it will dependably have India at the back of its brain. The cost of service is much less compare to other nations. It is not the way that since the rate of service is less, the agency and organizations who offer this sort of services, will contain on the quality. Globally accepted platforms are thinking of extraordinary services and are requesting pocket-accommodating rates from their customers.

    The vast pool of web engineers

    With regards to profiting Web Design administrations, customers and clients concentrating their mind to get a better web service. They need to get the best evaluated benefit in the business. In such manner, India is thought to be a better power in regard than countries like China and Philippines. This is a reality that India has more organizations and stages who give rich web design and development which have figured out how to fulfill worldwide customers for a considerable length of time.

    Time Zone

    Presently this is a point which is disregarded by numerous with regards to profiting web design services from India, past outskirts. India is geographically situated in a manner that there is a correct 12-hour distinction with the US. This is helpful on the grounds that it empowers Indian web engineers to work 24 x 7 and desert no pending work. Rotational move and adaptable planning in the working environment have been acquainted with this part of the world years back and the country is not willing to lose it's reputation and set a high ground in compare to China and Philippines.

    Different Parameters

    There are different parameters in which India is much advanced than China and Philippines with regards to web planning. design and development. The parameters are based on quality, business and political environment, support of government, social similarity, instruction framework and last yet not the least, English capability. So it is advisable that if you are choosing a good web design firm, always think about India and analyse the points of benefits compare to China and Philippines.

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  6. Most of the persons nowadays use mobile to search on Google or any other search engines. Almost half of the searches comes from mobile devices on Google search engine. We can take an example like 72% searches comes from Google for health care and drinking destinations.

    If your site does not perform well on mobile, you're passing up a major opportunity for a considerable number of clients.

     Going versatile is impossible. It is an unquestionable requirement!

    Your business will lose numerous clients on the search engine result page if don't have a portable site that can be found through pursuits on mobile phone search. Right now, being recorded in Google's mobile search indexed lists is about the same as on mobile. The market share of Google is now more than 90% on mobile devices.

    If you desire to see your search result through mobile search, your site must be listed in the mobile search indexed lists of Google.

    Different web Ranking Monitor empowers you to check the position of your site pages in Google's search indexed lists for the greater part of your key-phrases:

    The various online Ranking Monitors checks the position of your website pages each day. It educates you about positioning changes, and it demonstrates the key-phrases for which you can get higher rankings. You can also hire any web design company for the better performance of your website.

     Search local is much more essential on mobile search

    80% of local search results on mobiles change over. What's more, 88% of customers who scan for a kind of local business on a mobile or go to that business in-between 24 hours. Individuals utilize their mobile devices to discover local organizations when they're prepared to purchase. A decent versatile site will help them to settle on the right choice.

     Step by step instructions to check nearby indexed lists

    The online Ranking Monitors does not just check your rankings in Google's search indexed lists, it additionally checks the rankings of your sites specifically areas. For instance, you can check how your site is positioned in Sun Francisco and in Florida. If you need to discover how your site is positioned in the search outcomes that clients find in Cologne, Germany, you can likewise utilize these online Ranking Monitors to check it.

     Check your rankings by making short your results and by area

    The Ranking Monitor empowers you to channel your rankings by results sort (customary, nearby, picture, and so forth.) and by area:

    Obviously, the Ranking Monitor offers numerous more channels that help you to work with your rankings. For local Google Mobile, the Ranking Monitor checks the rankings of your website pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 91 nations.

    These online Ranking Monitors help every one of the 92,000+ areas that are upheld by Google, incorporating 55,131 areas in the USA.

     Ensure that your clients can discover you

    The online Ranking Monitors empowers you to keep tabs on your development in Google's versatile list items, and it ensures that your site gets however many viewers as possible. If you didn't try it yet, do it now.

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  7. Cloud services offer a convenient option for storing large amounts of data, but transferring items to and from the cloud is far from secure. If you use the cloud, protection in the cloud is needed as it’s crucial that you think about the information you’re keeping there. Take added precautions for these types of sensitive items to make sure your information is staying safe.

    Personal Health Information

    [caption id="attachment_7434" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Types of Data That Require Extra Protection in the Cloud Image via Flickr by Newtown graffiti[/caption]

    Health care records have been one of the most recent targets for hackers. Hacking rates for this type of data increased 11,000 percent in 2015, with a third of all Americans’ records compromised. Criminals can use this information to pay for their own care and treatments, and you may not realize you’re a victim until you see the bill. It’s crucial that you protect your health information vigilantly. If you’re storing any type of medical or billing data in the cloud, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions. Services like OneDrive suggest using additional security measures for sensitive information.

    Identification Information

    Your personal identification information is anything that can be used to distinguish you as an individual. Criminals may only need one or two pieces of this information to steal your identity, so you need to keep these details as secure as possible. Personal identification information includes your birthdate, driver’s license number, Social Security number, insurance account number, and bank account number. Once a thief has your personal information, he or she can apply for new credit cards in your name, open a utility account, or even take your tax refund.

    Financial Details

    If you’ve ever transferred money between bank accounts or made a purchase online, you know how powerful the right string of numbers can be. You don’t need much to access someone’s finances. Bank account numbers, credit card numbers, payroll details, and loan information are all extremely sensitive.

    Fortunately, your financial details have an added layer of protection in the form of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). This requires your financial institutions to explain all their information sharing practices to you. Make sure you’re working with reliable institutions that comply with the Safeguards Rule and strive to stay ahead of the latest security trends.

    Business Data

    If you’re using the cloud for your business, added security is more than a luxury; it’s often a legal necessity. State agencies, federal agencies, and private companies that have contractual relationships with the government must comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA). FISMA’s requirements include the following:

    • Maintaining an inventory of all information systems, ranked by risk level

    • Designing a system security plan

    • Performing regular risk assessments

    • Continuously monitoring information systems

    • Implementing security controls

    • Maintaining current certification and accreditation

    If you use cloud services, data encryption is an essential part of staying in compliance with FISMA and keeping your business data safe. Choose a cloud provider that doesn’t have access to these encryption keys so that your data is well secured.

    While it’s important to use smart security measures for all your data, you should give some extra attention to these sensitive types of information. Technology-savvy cybercriminals are always on the lookout for flaws in your methods, so stay watchful over your data and make sure it’s safe.
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  8. Making money online is something that practically everyone has looked up sometime or other. The convenience of earning some extra cash while being at home is definitely very appealing. Yet, most people simply give up after a bit as they do not manage to find something that is really worth it. But what if I were to tell you that you can indeed earn money online by reading checking out this link and registering here. Read through this so as to learn more about this awesome money making opportunity.

    This is Traffic Monsoon, a revenue sharing program that can help you to earn a good amount of money without struggling to do so. Basically Traffic Monsoon is an advertising company which shares its revenue sales with members. All you need to do is to buy ad packs and click on cashlinks. In such a way you are basically buying advertising services from them and being an active member. With cashlinks alone you cannot expect to earn a lot unless you have many referrals who are also clicking on them and enabling you to earn a commission in return. But it is always something and after all it is quite effortless as all you need to do is click on ads that members purchase.

    How to Make Money with Traffic MonsoonHowever Traffic Monsoon offers a much better option to make a good amount of money, and this is what we shall be focusing on mainly. You can make a really good income by purchasing sharing ads or as they are referred to, ad packs. By buying one or more of these packs you will then qualify for the company’s revenue sharing. Simply put, you will start earning something practically with every hour that goes by. The more ad packs you have, the more you will earn.

    I am pretty sure that at this point you are getting interested in Traffic Monsoon. So let me offer you some guidelines to get you started. I have tried this and am earning a good amount of money as we speak, without doing anything actually. So if you want to benefit from this as well, you should get started now by joining here.

    Step 1 – You should primarily check if you can withdraw the money you earn. Traffic Monsoon accepts memberships for all over the world, but certain payment processors may not be accepting your country. So make sure to check this out and do some payment processor research just in case before getting started. There are PayPal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay available. If at least one of these is okay for your country you are good to go.

    Step 2 – Join Traffic Monsoon by clicking on this link. You should use a gmail email account. Then basically all you need to do is to confirm your membership via the email that they send you and input the email of the payment processor account of your choice.

    Step 3 – Cashlinks may not make you rich but they will still offer you some cash. After all they are still an opportunity to earn something.

    Step 4 – Get referrals so that you will earn a commission from them. Referrals will be earning money for you on a regular basis.

    Step 5 – Probably the most important step – buy ad packs, as many as you can. Purchasing advertising is what Traffic Monsoon is essentially all about. Generally speaking after you get to purchase some 50 packs, you will notice that you will experience fast growth. Every person is going to have different views as to how much he or she is willing to invest at first. From my experience it is worth investing a lot by buying plenty of ad packs as you get to earn a lot in return. Looking back I am happy with how much I earned, and am still earning. If I had had the opportunity to go back in time I would have bought even more ad packs as now I know that it really works and it truly enabled me to earn a lot of money quite easily.

    Here is an outline of how it can work out even if you start off slowly. Say you buy just one pack for $50. It is important that from that point onwards you make sure that you stay qualified in the revenue sharing program simply by surfing at least 10 ads every day. After a week you will have $7 in your account. Say you utilize those $7 and add another $43 from your pocket so as to purchase your second pack. After another week you would have earned $17 as you get $2 daily from each of your two packs. Keep doing this until you have at least 10 packs and you will notice the difference. My advice would be to keep going on as this process is going to help you buy several packs, and you get to earn a lot in the long run. In time you won’t even have to add money from your pocket so as to buy ad packs, as the revenue you will be getting from your previously bought packs will suffice to enable you to buy new packs as you go along. So as you can see it is really simple yet rewarding.

    As a general rule of thumb I emphasize the need to make sure that you remain qualified. Every day you need to surf at least 10 pages. In return you will get revenue shares every hour.

    Also, if you really want to earn a good amount of money, make I a point to find ways to refer people to Traffic Monsoon. For every pack one of your referrals buys, you will earn a 10% commission, that is $5. Needless to say, the more referrals you have, the more you will earn. To get referrals you will need to promote as much as you can. You can use banners, splash pages and other options to reach out to as many people as you can and encourage them to join Traffic Monsoon. You could create a blog and promote Traffic Monsoon there. You could also create a YouTube video, use solo ads or classified ads, but whatever you do, make sure you show just how effective Traffic Monsoon really is.

    I am sure that by now you are convinced of what a great money making opportunity Traffic Monsoon can be. Your account will be growing in no time if you are consistent about this. One word of advice – establish a good cashing out strategy. Avoid cashing out everything you earned. You should not withdraw more than you repurchase. As a good rule of thumb you could start cashing out after you have reached breakeven point.

    Traffic Monsoon was launched back in October 2014 by Charles Scoville, and since then it has never looked back.  Scoville is also the owner of another successful program, AdHitProfits. So you may rest assured that this is neither a scam, nor something that you should be afraid of trying out. There is indeed a lot to be gained from Traffic Monsoon, and it would be a pity if you did not try it out as soon as possible and start making the best use out of it, as many other people are doing so every day.

    In fact there is no denying that Traffic Monsoon is definitely one of the top revenue sharing programs out there. Did you know that it has well over 2 million members, with thousands registering daily to it for the first time? You can be one of them and I guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you will have made.

    As you can see, Traffic Monsoon is a really simple and straightforward way to make money online. It is not an investment site and it will not have you worry about tasks that need to be completed or deadlines that have to be met in order to manage to earn something in return. As explained above it is a purely simple process where you just need to be active daily for a few minutes as you view at least 10 ads, and buy ad packs. How easier could it possibly get right? So, click here to join Traffic Monsoon today, and start earning money as soon as you do so! You will earn money even while you are sleeping! What more could you possibly wish for?!

    Join For Free
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  9. Are you keeping up with the latest trends is SEO world? With the digital retail models taking over bricks and mortar, businesses including are doing their best to have their websites ranked top on search engine result pages like Google. There are two ways to do it: going organic by following good SEO practices or buy your way up the top through paid advertising.

    When it comes to SEO, this digital marketing strategy is usually marred by misinformation and highly conflicting advice. This is because there are those who say that the use of keywords and link building doesn’t matter anymore while others still put them among the rules effective SEO. While the factors that search engines use to rank websites change from time to time, research on ranking factors has shown that some factors still matter to a great extent when used in the right way. So, what are these things that really matter for SEO?

    Quality Content

    The content that you use should give answers to the questions that people have. The use of specific keywords that best describe your business may earn you traffic and clicks, but Google does not see quality in clicks anymore. Instead, they are concerned about the post-click activity. How are surfers interacting with your website? If your site has high bouncing rates, it means that people are not satisfied with the content and Google will view it as such giving you lower rankings.

    Quality content that is easy to digest has a way of catching people’s attention, and this is why in SEO, content is still king.

    Link Building
    Things That Still Matter for SEO
    The use of backlinks as a good SEO practice has been misused by a majority of website owners and that is why you will hear many of them saying that the use of link building is dead for SEO. This is because they desperately look for any backlinks and when they get, majority of them may be from the same domain. Unfortunately, quality and not just any backlink is still one of the most important ranking signals for search engines. The best way to get quality backlinks is to get contextual mentions from authoritative websites which may require some extra PR efforts.

    Content Size

    Unlike a few years ago when a 300-word article was pretty long, things are not the same today in terms of the preferred content size. Longer articles of between 1200 to 2000 words receive higher SEO rankings, get more shares on social media and receive more traffic.

    Compared to short articles, long articles have more words and images that can be ranked and in order to make them easy to read, the content should be broken down into subheadings, bullet points and unique images as well. Remember that SEO benefits of long –form content only holds when the content is meaningful and relevant to the users. This includes covering one topic at a time in-depth.

    Website Speed

    Nobody wants to keep waiting in order to get the things that they need and this is the same with search engines. Search engines prefer sites that load faster and if yours tend to be slow, you need to take some drastic measures because it costs you in terms of SEO rankings. You may need to use a good plugin to increase your site speed.

    To promote your website, you need to employ effective digital marketing and SEO strategies. Apart from improving on the above SEO factors, a branding agency like Mosaico PR will need to employ latest SEO trends such as mobile optimization, voice search function and incorporating local SEO.

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  10. How to Market Your Business Online Successfully? Marketing is an essential factor in every business regardless of the type or size of the company. In the current world, technological advancement has revolutionized the way different businesses are operated and managed. Though networks are important, you do not need to feature in magazines and television shows to obtain widespread networks. Online marketing, when done correctly, can increase your networks exponentially resulting in consistent and sustainable expansion of your company.

    Online marketing combines content marketing, SEO, link building, social media marketing, and many other strategies. After you have set up a fully functional website, optimization is necessary to ensure that it appears on the first page of many search engine results. When you are optimizing, keyword selection is indispensable to make sure that you reach all your target audience successfully. According to Youth Noise experts, you should research on the most effective keywords to bring significant traffic to your website.

    After choosing the keywords that are most prevalent for your site, ensure that you have great content on your website. The content you publish should be factual and authoritative to convince the visitors and clients that you are an expert in your field. Additionally, update your content more often to allow your repeated visitors and visitors to find up-to-date information about your products and services.

    Studies show that websites with content that is frequently updated rank higher in search engine results and attract at least 10% more traffic that those that are not updated regularly. After creating the most effective keywords and content for your online marketing campaign, proceed to build links. Including authoritative backlinks on your site enhances your trustworthiness and authority to rank higher in search engine results.

    Link building must be effective and should be sourced from high PageRank websites. Every link you integrate with your content should act like a positive vote to allow you page rank to increase considerably on this vote of confidence. Link building should be integrated with other factors to create a personal broadcasting network that generates sustainable and consistent content. Also, the backlinks generate social signals that will help your site to rank higher in search engine results.

    Online marketing when done precisely guarantees a huge return on investment. Research shows that over 65% of users access the Internet via their phones. Thus, ensure that your site is adaptive and scalable to be clearly viewable regardless of the device used to browse through it.

    [caption id="attachment_7199" align="aligncenter" width="973"]how to market your business online Image Courtesy of[/caption]

    Social media has become an integral part of any online marketing campaign because more people are joining the various social media platforms. Social media marketing can help increase your sales and online presence significantly. To succeed on social media, you need to come up with interactive posts to ensure that you connect with your target audience. The content should be informative and authoritative. Additionally, it is advisable to publish fresh content frequently to avoid monotony that may result in your losing potential clients.

    Email and newsletters marketing is also essential in your marketing campaign to provide your subscribed members with additional discounts and coupons. Moreover, you can use the emails to reach prospect clients and the existing ones for repeated sales campaigns. Your conversion rate, sales and profit margins increase exponentially when online marketing is done effectively.

    Therefore, always create a comprehensive and efficient online marketing campaign to increase your online presence. Since more people are making their purchasing based on the information they find online, ensure that your site has authoritative and legitimate content. Studies show that people trust the sites that appear highest in their search results.

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  11. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    Why You Should Use a Free Website Builder? In the past, people have used many different tools to send their advertisements out to consumers, such as the newspaper, types of flyers, radio ads, articles in magazines and other different forms of advertising tools. However, those days are over, now the new and improved tool for advertisement comes straight from the internet. These days, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who uses the types of advertisements that were mentioned above while being successful with business. Now, people are starting to turn to the internet, just going to Google and typing in the name of the item the want and going to one of the first few pages available for that item. The new platform for everyone to get their fill of information and shopping done is now very quickly becoming the internet.

    The fact of the matter is that most of the time, the sellers and buyers of today do not even meet each other or talk to each other, being the new preference is buying online. Most of the time, websites are built using website builders, so as to save time on having to put code and other necessary items into the website just so they can sell their business items. The first step to doing this is finding a good host for website building. If you are with a company who wants to track your employees’ time, you might also want to think about using Clockspot.

    So, you may be wondering, what does a website builder have in terms of tools to offer me to build my site, while, and keep on reading to find out more about why you should use a free website builder!

    One Word: Free

    If you have no cash to spare, and who does these days, then using a free website builder would be the perfect way to put your business out there without out spending insane amounts of money. When it comes to using a website builder, not only is the site you build free to build, but it also can be designed in the way that you want it to be. Website builders also give you the chance to edit and make updates to your website at any time that you wish to, which means you will save the time that you would have spent waiting for a professional to make the final decisions and also save time on having to have them go over things for your site.

    Website Builder

    Many Options to Choose from for Designs of Templates

    When you decide to use a free website builder, you will also find that you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of templates that are very appealing to the eye, and are also able to use different types of tools in order to create the perfect site that will capture the essence of the site you are trying to put out there. Templates give your website the perfect finishing touch, catching the eyes of the people who are coming to your website, meaning that the templates are very important.

    Ease of Use

    When it comes to building a website, no one wants to have to learn all of the information that is needed on building them, that could take years. These days, you can use a free website builder, and not have to learn anything about coding and all that tech stuff that everyone knows is very complicated. Free website builders give you the instructions that you need, so as to guide you through the process of building your website, without having to know how to do much of anything.


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  12. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you building a website for your business? If so, there is a very important task you should do first. This is choosing a suitable web host for your needs. Selecting a web host may look like an easy task while it is, in fact, daunting. With so many companies promising to offer you unlimited resources, 99 percent uptime and solid technical support; you could easily make the wrong decision. To assist you make the right choice, here are six factors you want to consider.

    Cost of the hosting service

    Price is the first thing that many novice webmasters would like to consider and it is okay. However, price is not the only factor you have to think about when selecting an appropriate web host. It could actually be the least important factor if your goal is to pick the right web host for a website that will sell products or services. If you intend to make money through your site, avoid cheap or free web hosting services. The reason why you have to pay nothing or very little money for their hosting service is because there is no technical support. Extended downtime will be inevitable and this will translate to business losses. It is wiser to choose an expensive dedicated hosting service as it will be managed on your behalf.

    Technical support

    When your website goes down you need immediate technical support to restore it. Prior to choosing a given service provider make sure that they have a twenty-four hour customer support service provided via email, instant chat feature, toll-free phone line or ticketing system. You have to know whether the company’s staffs are competent enough to know what’s wrong with your site and how it can be fixed and re-hosted. As you do your research you will find out that companies are not equal when it comes to the quality of their customer service. It is good to use a company that mostly provides support via a ticketing service, as it can solve your issue speedily.

    Features provided

    If you are serious about making money via your site, do not pick a host that just provides servers. There has to be one unique feature that separates a host from its competition. This add-on feature is what you want to focus on. It could be anything including regular data backups, many data centre, and free domain privacy among others. If you find one company that provides an add-on that you consider important, that can be a sign that you need to work with it. Perhaps you want to host an e-commerce website. If so you need a web host that can provide a shopping cart and an SSL certificate. Find out if a given web host offers support for auto responders, SMTP, email forwarders and IMAP among others. Website tools like galleries, blogs, forums and CMS are often provided for free.

    Track record: read customer reviews

    The customer testimonials provided on most websites do not necessarily represent the opinions of real and live people. Hence you need to be a little bit creative to get information from people who have bought hosting services from a given company. You can look the company up on social media or do a Google search for their blog. In addition, you could check whether there are complaints about them on the Better Business Bureau website.

    Room for growth

    Although you are building your website now it does not mean that you will be where you are now in the next five years. Therefore as you pick a hosting service you need to figure out whether they fit into your future plans. In short, what you think is adequate hosting now might not meet your requirements in the next few years. If a given host has dedicated server solutions or a VPS solution, that is a good sign that they will accommodate your growth in future.

    User interface

    Without a control panel or user interface you cannot edit your website without seeking help from the host’s technical support team. Even if the interface is there it should be customer-friendly and easy to figure out.

    Conclusion & final suggestion

    The above-mentioned tips should assist you when deciding on the best hosting company to work with. We also highly recommend checking sites like can give you all the necessary date needed when coming to choose your hosting. By so doing you can avoid loss of revenue, malware attacks and poor search engine rankings in future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  13. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For those debuting into the world wide web and wondering how you reach the online community using this powerful tool or if you just need a website to promote your products or services but don’t have a clue where to start and don’t have the resources to hire someone to build one for you, you can use a website builder. In your floundering about the world wide web, you have read about blogs and related information, but you don’t even know what a website builder or even eCommerce shopping cart builder is in the first place. We discussed here about Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder.

    To start the newbie out, a website builder is a tool that allows you to create a website without manual coding. This enables you to override all the technical knowledge needed to produce a website from scratch.

    So, you wonder if your Do It Yourself website will take off into the light of the day without you having any technical knowledge to build it, and the answer is yes. Why? There are many misconceptions about free website builders, but they are disproved right here.

    1. You need to have programming knowledge to use a free website builder

    Now that is a load of hogwash. You need exactly zero programming skills to use a website builder. All you need is creativity and a good understanding of what you want to use the website for. Then you choose a good online website builder, and you are good to go. Good website builders have wizards or templates which help you build your website from scratch without using a single code.

    2. A free website builder will not give you the best features for your website

    This is certainly not true! All free website builders have built in features that help you choose beautiful designs, apps, settings and menus that will enable your website to be as interactive as possible. Just keep working on it to discover what the capabilities are, and try them out. 24X7 advice should not be far away either.

    3. A free website builder will have glitches

    This could not be further from the truth. Website builders that host multiple websites make sure that they give their users the best quality. How would they attract people to use their product if it has glitches? The fact that it's free does not mean its poor quality. The cliché that free is cheap is not true of website builders. So go ahead and use any of the free website builders available online.

    4. Free Website Builders don’t allow you to make changes to your content

    All website builders enable you to create your content and change it whenever and wherever you like. The fact that they host your website does not give you less of a right to control the content you have on your site.

    5. Using a free website builder will make search engines rank your website low

    Nay! Great many websites that are ranking high on search engines are created and hosted on free website builders. It's the content that you put on your website that matters, not the website builder hosting it. So don’t be afraid of using a website builder, just make sure your content is relevant and attractive enough for people and search engines.

    There, you have it all. Armed with this information plunge into the world wide web and create your own website. To gain more confidence, work on an offline page on your computer and when done, settings are available that will allow you to publish the document you have created onto an online website builder which will facilitate ease of formatting the webpage and work from there![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  14. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The days when people used flyers, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and any other print or electronic media to advertise their wares, has long been revolutionized by the internet and the world wide web. This generation no longer goes to the mentioned media to find stuff they want. They just go to the internet and surf for their desired object and purchase it online. Internet is becoming one stop destination for all the informational and shopping needs. Goods and services are bought and sold, and even payments are done online.

    In fact, many transactions between buyers and sellers will occur without the parties to the deal ever setting eyes on each other, and they could also be located on different ends of the globe. The medium used to reach the masses is via websites created and hosted using website builder or ecommerce store builder websites. The website owner just needs to create a good eye catching web site with relevant material for web crawlers and people searching for things online. To start out, you need a website builder to help you create one.

    So what is the upside of building your web site using a free website builder?

    The most obvious one? It's free dummy!

    For those who are skint and want to sell their wares or provide information about services they have but have no spare cash to spend on building a website, a free website builder is the way to go. Not only will you save money, but you will be involved in the process of creating it yourself from scratch to finish and have your own mark of quality rubber stamped on it! You can edit and update the website whenever you wish to, saving your time waiting for a pro to finalise and proof things for you.

    Wide range of template designs to customize

    Free website builders will give you a wide range of attractive design templates to create the impression that most captures the spirit of the content of your website. Most website builders will have hundreds of designs to choose from and there are as many different designs as there are diverse people in the world so go through them all and take the best pick that will bring out your personality and give your site a personal touch.

    It is user friendly, easy to set up.

    No one wants to struggle with stuff they have no technical knowledge about. It's like a mason being given carpentry work to do. Today, free website builders allow you to build your website from scratch without having an iota of programming skills or coding language. They are also easy to set up by following the website builder wizard instructions. It’s as easy as saying the alphabet in your sleep.

    They are easy to manage and control content

    Once you set up your website using the free website builder, it's all systems go. It provides you the freedom to do what you want on the website except, of course, offend people and commit illegalities. You can update content, change it, add photos, get widgets, and all sorts of other nifty software solutions to make your website as interactive as possible.

    Search Engine friendly

    Anyone who sets up a website wants it to be found so as to sell their wares or just have people read their material and comment on it. Many free website builders would also like their domain name to rank highly on search engines and will create website builders that will help them and you as well get noticed online.

    Why not conquer your fear and do it? Let people find you and whatever you have to offer them by using a free website builder or ecommerce store builder to get started.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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  15. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    The web is slowly but securely aligning towards organic philosophy, partly due to the need for consumer engagement and because of the whiplash from search engine algorithm updates. The phenomenon has certainly resulted in a more enriching web experience, coupled with a more engaging Information architecture. An average web design company is finding it easier to compete with well equipped counterparts thanks to the great leveler called simplicity in design. What has been really refreshing to watch is how the new trends are all shaping up a more media rich internet. Multi discipline paradigms are coming into play to make web designing all the more engaging and a potent tool for audience communication

    User Engagement: The Keyword to Effective Web Design Company

    A major paradigm shift has been observed in the way web is perceived in recent times. Owing to the web going more organic, the other facets of the web are also streamlined to meet the core aesthetics. The new wave of web design is ruled by the principles of a cleaner web where information and content is of pivotal importance. Thanks to the rule makers of web world giving stress to reliability of content, the internet is finally looking cleaner and on course to reclaim some lost reliability. Certainly web designing is playing a major part in the whole spectrum of events.

    There have been plenty of new techniques that any web design company can follow to keep their services viable in the context of evolving web trends. Being a dynamic art, there is never a set parameter of web design, but then again the industry experts vouch for the tested formula than going for a trial and error methodology.

    What to expect in 2016?

    The year 2015 was something of a revelation for web design with many fresh ideas conceptualized and implemented. The trends in year 2016 continue the transition with refined perspective and better set of tools to implement. So what kind of techniques one can expect to be integrated in mainstream production pipeline? Let’s dig deeper.

    [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][info_list font_size_icon="24"][info_list_item list_title="The Responsive Bandwagon" list_icon="Defaults-check-square" animation="swing"]

    Yes, responsive designs have been the keyword of web deigning in the current scenario. With an increasing population of mobile internet users, the change was just round the corner at the break of 2011. 2013 saw major advancement in the concept and 2014 has been a year of mainstream dominance. Pixel independence is the new mantra that every web designer is looking for nowadays. Having a single code design optimized for multiple platforms is certainly the way to go. Lest we forget, the concept has already proven its worth for being SEO-friendly.

    [/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title="The support for retina displays" list_icon="Defaults-check-square" animation="swing"]

    Apple initiated a sort of a movement with their engineering of retina display. Being twice denser in pixel count than normal LCD, the digital supremacy is well established. The professional designers of a web design company of repute, nowadays, are churning out pixel perfect designs to complement the superior previewing of retina display. With a number of platforms incorporating the new display type, the trend is not without justification.

    [/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title="The rise of the QR Codes" list_icon="Defaults-check-square" animation="swing"]

    The abundance of Smartphone usage precipitated for this new trend in design. QR code apps are a rage and almost every little bit of data is just a scan away. Many websites are integrating digital QR codes right in the designs. The trend is yet to catch up but with digital data transmission speeding up, the potential is seemingly abundant.

    [/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title="Landing pages go slimmer" list_icon="Defaults-check-square" animation="swing"]

    This is a perfect example of digital optimization of communication. Keeping the emphasis strictly on the core products and services seems to be the perfect way to go for optimum consumer engagement. Serious consumers are keener on strict business and the minimalist landing pages suites their taste, just aptly.

    [/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title="Social media Integration" list_icon="Defaults-check-square" animation="swing"]

    No study on the prevailing web trends can be complete without the mention of the big boy. Yes, Social media is changing the way we communicate, opening up newer and subtler modes of brand communication. To aid viral marketing and the optimum use of social media, the social media badges are becoming increasingly mainstream.


    Well, these are only a few of the trends that are catching the imagination of the web designers. The connoisseurs of the web world certainly don’t vouch for a trend to go mainstream for a long run. The existing trends are also viable till the web design landscape again goes for a revamping.

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