Wyo.in is an Online Indian Platform for cool funny printed Tshirts, sweat shirts, sling bags, and boxers for men and womens. Their initial idea is to start an India focused News and Opinion site where knowledgeable and credible contributors anchor and build their digital brands on an online platform. But the News platform required a lot of technical resources and was complex in nature. Thus they decided to start off Wyo.in and figure out things as they progress.

Wyo.in is about great T-shirt designs created in-house as well as contributed by designers across India. They invite designers to look at our society, culture, system and pinpoint things that ridicule, trouble and annoy us. They brought those societal things onto nice tees in the form of beautifully executed artwork with a message. They also profess to making a good wearable product that provides an opportunity for talented artists to make some money.

They have an advisory designer panel that consists of senior artists from advertisement and entertainment world. Those designers help them with in-house creation but also review the artwork that is submitted by other artists. Wyo.in are also on constant search of artists who see things differently and they approach them with their ideas and concepts.