Static Website Design

Static Website Design

Static Website Design, 9.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings The traditional and the simplest way to show and sell products online is via a static website. This is also the easiest type of website design to setup; however, updating or changing a static site requires in depth web programming knowledge, plus it is known to be time consuming. This is why a static design is only suited for websites which may not need to be updated frequently.

At times a static website is also referred to as a Brochure website or a Small business website. This type of website design is best suited for merely having a web presence in order to establish first contact with clients online.

Designing a static website tends to be much simpler and quicker as compared to a dynamic website. The website requires minimum amount of scripting and lots of HTML coding. The first step every time we take on a static web design project is to understand what our clients need. This helps us effectively design a layout which compliments their business strategies and goals. Making your website usable is also one of our prime goals since it translates to many loyal users who return to do more business with you.

Our mission is to always make websites which translate to lots of business for you both in the short and long term by complimenting your existing marketing, advertising and other business goals. This means that we do not only work hard to ensure that your website looks good but also works for you!

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