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Know Us Better | Web Outsourcing FAQ

To work effectively with you and all our clients, we need to establish a working relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. To help you learn more about what we really do and how we can be of beneficial service to you, here are some answers to in-respect of web outsourcing FAQ or frequently asked questions that we are asked by our clients interested in getting our services.

How can I start using services?2018-06-04T17:45:49+00:00

Once you select us as your service-provider, we ask you to provide specifications in the particular format you are comfortable with. But if you have important resources, you can provide us elaborate description of your product in terms of site flow and functionality. You can provide this in PDF, Microsoft Word or MS Power point format.

How can I be certain about your job standard?2018-06-04T17:46:05+00:00

We permit our clients to supervise the project development process fully. You can review and observe the material results of each level of development. We also provide Status reports. If you want, you can also go through the project status report.

Do you provide a fix price quote or job on hourly basis?2018-06-04T17:46:23+00:00

We work both on hourly rates and fixed price quote. For small projects, we generally prefer job on hourly basis. For the bigger projects, we generally provide you a fixed quote.

What safety measures do you take?2018-06-04T17:45:32+00:00

We provide SSL certificates or installation if important. It safes the code and database, and includes anti-spam codes which keeps your site actually hack secure. But, remember the globe best secret sites are also not hundred percent hack-secured.

How can I be sure of best standard and timely-delivery of job?2018-06-04T17:47:13+00:00

We have a unique team of website testing professionals. Once your project is done, we provide your website to our website testing experts who test your websites and check its standard. We perform begin the front end built up at a certain interval from the buildup begin of the administrative section.
• Beta test for admin and front end
• Beta site display on test server for frond end section
• Beta site display on test server for the admin section
• Alpha test for frond end and admin

How can I be sure of your consistency?2018-06-04T17:47:51+00:00

We assess the website server for big traffic and the load is tested. The program will be perfect enough and will job in accordance with or beyond hope without bugs.

What further services do you provide?2018-06-04T17:49:29+00:00

Our further services include:
• Newsletter Management System
• Forum
• Shopping Cart System
• Content Management System
• Hire a full time website designer

On what basis your Dedicated website designer work?2018-06-04T17:49:59+00:00

The dedicated website designer will work only for your project and completely under your guidance. He will work eight hours per day.

What programming experience does your company have in website designing?2018-06-04T17:50:31+00:00

Our design section not just makes us interference of the program, but, also provides a full range of website design services. Our website design services include Brochure design, online store design, Flash design, print media design, logo design, template design, and complete web design.

Do you redesign sites?2018-06-04T17:51:19+00:00

Yes, we provide web redesign services. If you feel that your website is looking old and outdated, you can contact us for availing our exclusive site redesign services.

What site design packages do you provide?2018-06-04T17:52:03+00:00

We design all type website which includes news site, blog/forum site, dating site, real-estate site, business site, and e-commerce site and many more.

What are the different packages you provide in website designing?2018-06-04T17:52:33+00:00

Our site designing packages include corporate plan, select plan, standard plan and basic plan.

In which formats will my site design projects be delivered after finish?2018-06-04T17:53:04+00:00

We deliver your site design projects in EPS, AL, GIF, PSD, JPG formats.

It is possible to customize the plans provided on the company site?2018-06-04T17:53:35+00:00

Definitely, that is actually what we do for you. Our plans can be customized to include or delete functionalities and specs are demanded by our customers.

How many designers will job on my project?2018-06-04T17:54:08+00:00

How many designers will be job on your project will depend upon the kind of the project. To cite an example, designing an easy website will need just a web designer and project manager. But designing a high level site will need more number of website designers and project managers.

Will the customer be involved in the site design process?2018-06-04T17:54:38+00:00

The site that you have given us to design is yours. And our goal is to satisfy you. And to perform this, we will surely permit you to be a part of the job process. You can also email or call us to get samples for feedback.

How much time do you take to design a site?2018-06-04T17:55:11+00:00

This will depend upon the type of project you are providing us. An easy project will take little time and than a high level project.

How will you support if I am not happy with the site you have designed?2018-06-04T17:55:49+00:00

Our customers are always happy with our standard of job. But if such condition crops up, and you are not relaxed with our designed site, we will do a full custom redesign. You will not have to pay any additional cost.

What type of technology does company support?2018-06-04T17:57:20+00:00

We are professional in applications and languages like PHP, ROR, ASP.Net, Javascript, MySQL, Ajax, Photoshop, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3.

Is it possible to share the design job and get page development services from you?2018-06-04T17:59:36+00:00

Definitely, we provide HTML and CSS development of the website pages. These are based on the design inputs provided by the customers. The designs commonly are needed to be given as PSD, AI, CRD, or JPG files.

What website development plans do you provide?2015-12-19T14:24:44+00:00

Our website development packages include business site development plan, E commerce site development plan, dating site development plan, and real estate site plan.

Can I view the site and program as it is being constructed?2015-12-19T14:25:03+00:00

Yes, definitely, you can certainly view the program and site as it is developed. When a site is developed, it is hosted on company servers once every couple of days for client feedback. This permit the customers keep record on the continue job.

What are the different website development packages you provide?2015-12-19T14:25:15+00:00

You can select any one type of corporate website development plan, select website development plan, standard website development plan and basic website development plan according to your need.

In which formats will my development + design projects be delivered after finish?2015-12-19T14:25:33+00:00

We deliver your site development + design in PHP, HTML, EPS, AL, GIF, PSD, and JPG formats.

Can I manage my website myself?2015-12-19T14:25:46+00:00

Definitely, you can certainly manage your website yourself. We also incorporate our improved editor that is quicker and easier to use. It permits you to manage your website without any HTML or Frontpage knowledge. This allows many people to edit website content and various pages and cannot break your site. But you have to pay an additional nominal fee for getting this facility. Like any site, it comes vital to market your ecommerce site using SEO and SEM technique.