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Appyourself is a Germany based app builder founded in 2011 in order to help people to create high-quality business apps. Ecommerce is a genuine focus with this app maker, and is one of the highlights of their platform. Appyourself offers small businesses few options allowing purchases to be made directly from within the app itself via direct credit or PayPal.

Appyourself offer the advantage of keeping your customers within the same environment, instead of sending them externally to complete their purchases. This app maker involves not only creating a web version of your app, but also a desktop website.

Features –

  • RSS
  • Free-Content (WYSIWYG)
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Twitter Sharing
  • Events
  • Coupons
  • Submenu
  • Picture Gallery
  • Videos
  • Contact
  • Map
  • Reservations (Form)
  • Push Notifications
  • Marketing your app (QR-Codes, Browser-Switch)
  • Shop
  • Inquiry

Additional information

Web Only

$ 6.70 / Month


$ 20.00 / Month


$ 40.50 / Month


$ 67.60 / Month

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  • Shivaji Mitra says:

    Create your own app without coding. A modular app system to build apps by yourself, and its a industry-sector-specific solutions. AppYourself is a web based service that allows you to easily create and configure a mobile App by yourself from prefabricated modules (app builder). With AppYourself you can create, operate and maintain your own app. The platform is based for companies and their self-service approach of AppYourself offers a fast way to create your own app. AppYourselfs customer can produce native Apps for the appstore as well Web Apps which can run easily in the smartphone browser.